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EFT Practitioner Certification Training
2021 Fall Scholarship Application
  • All Open Air  Spaces

  • Outdoor Classrooms

  • Meditate Under the 700 year old Oak

  • Glamping  in Vintage Airstreams

  • Or Bring Your Own Tent

  • Hot Baths & Showers

  • Bikes to Borrow

  • Dancing Every Day

  • Camp Fire Time

  • Swim in Fresh Spring Water

  • Outdoor Dining

  • Morning Practices

  • Nature


  • Change Your Mind Change the World


Step 1. 

Submit Scholarship Application

Step 2. 

Record a 3-5 min video below.

1. Introduce yourself

2. Tell us what this opportunity means to you.

3. How do you intend to use your EFT certification?

4. Why we should invest in you?

From past graduates:

“I learned how to tap into the power that I have within myself innately, and TRUST it! It was some of the best money I ever spent.”

"The EFT training, changed my life in practically every way possible. I went in unsure of what to expect, and really there is no way to describe everything that this experience is. It is singular, completely unique. Profound. The people I trained with are now the sacred inner circle of friends that I trust."

"The Team Love Teaching Assistants left me speechless many times a day with their unending ability to hold loving, safe space. And then there’s Sonya! Sonya’s presence, her endless commitment to everyone there, and her exquisitely expressed love, steadfastly maintained throughout the whole 10 days, is the ultimate gift."

"The space was a temple, a hospital, a playground. The best adventure for individuals who are ready to take the wild, challenging, and ultimately, beautiful deep dive into their own humanity in order to return to their lovers, family, friends, and world, ready to reflect that humanity back for the good of all."

See the Science

Manifest with ease

Change your brain

Meditate & dance

Heal family patterns

Bond With Tribe

Learn to love yourself
Get Certified in EFT
This Training is thorough, yet it's easy to understand and put into practice immediately.
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