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 EFT Practitioner Training Certification
October 29 - November 7, 2021
Change your mind & change the world!
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In this Advanced
EFT Training,

you will learn how to:
♥  Clear trauma & drama
♥  Give & receive love
♥  Manifest easily
♥  Transform triggers
♥  Dissolve physical pain
♥  Create personal peace

♥  Use 12 EFT Techniques
♥  Give quality EFT sessions
♥  Stand in your power

  • We Start Online Together

  • Learning to Give EFT Sessions


  • Change your Mind and Change the World

  • Change Your Mind Change the World

Included in Your Training Package

30+ hr, 6-week Beginner - Intermediate online course — $375 value

1 year membership to The World Tapping Circle (52 live Circles + Tap-along video library) — 
$302 value 

10-day Advanced EFT Training with EFT Master, Sonya Sophia

27 nourishing meals with mostly organic food (dinner on arrival through lunch on departure)

9 nights of lodging

25+ hours of teaching time with Sonya Sophia

25+ hours of supervised practice time

24-hour support from experienced EFT Practitioners trained by Sonya Sophia

Daily meditation practice

Daily yoga or ecstatic dance

♥ Creative play time & rest

♥ Course materials

♥ Advanced EFT Practitioner Certificate from the Sophia School of Living Arts 

4 hours / day: 
Class with Sonya

You will have EFT class with Sonya Sophia each day, which will include group sessions and the opportunity to process what you've learned.

You'll practice  EFT techniques and Tap on common themes like love, money, and purpose. 

3+ hours / day:
Session Practice

Trade private sessions within the group each day to help you learn not only EFT, but also how to structure sessions, manage time, and support clients.

You’ll be able to ask questions and get solid feedback.

You'll have support from skilled EFT practitioners who assist Sonya throughout the training. 

1.5 hours / day: 
Movement & Meditation 

For 7 days, you'll have physical exercise designed to help you  drop into your body.  Group meditation classes will help you center and unite your mind with Spirit.  Creative Play

We include dancing, singing, and costumed fantasy dinners to allow you to  experience new realities and to integrate your EFT experiences along the way. 

Evening Rest & Fun 

Optional inspiring movies, fun campfire sing-a-longs, and other delightful costumed surprises happen in the evenings!

Our evenings are a PLEASURE!

Personal Time

You'll have time to relax, go for walks, have a long lunch, nap, journal and enjoy tea with your new friends each day. This time is where spontaneous massage, music, cuddling, and life-changing conversations happen.

Training Package Includes
  Beginner - Intermediate online course with 3 live Q&A sessions

  10-day Advanced in-person training with EFT Master, Sonya Sophia

  Delicious food prepared with love (mostly local & organic)


  Training materials

  1-year membership to The World Tapping Circle

  EFT Practitioner Certification from The Sophia School of Living Arts

  Ongoing support via Advanced EFT Practitioners Facebook group

NOTE:  Completion of the Beginner-Intermediate Level EFT online course
(included in the EFT Training Package)
is a prerequisite for attending this 10-day Advanced Practitioner Training.  

See the Science

Manifest with ease

Change your brain

Meditate & dance

Heal family patterns

Bond With Tribe

Learn to love yourself
Get Certified in EFT
“In Sonya’s training I learned a profoundly heartfelt and totally accessible way to unravel deep trauma & pain that years of therapy could not touch. I am forever grateful."

"These 10 days have revealed to me the roots of so many long held, painful beliefs…shining love, light, healing & understanding on them in a very supportive, super safe, group setting where everyone is included."

This Training is thorough, yet it's easy to understand and put into practice immediately.
Knowing how to give a quality EFT session puts you in a powerful position of knowing how to help yourself and others process feelings.

If you work with people in any capacity, you'll use your EFT skills every day to help things run more smoothly. This life skill is a game changer for growing a business, leading teams, being a parent, and for developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

We have certified EFT Practitioners from a vast array of backgrounds.  They go on to do more than make money giving  professional EFT sessions.

They become leaders in their communities and positively influence the part of society in which they have roots, be it in the education sector, Silicon Valley, the arts, or integrative medicine.

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Learn To

Use 12 EFT Techniques
Clear anxiety
Give & receive love
Transform triggers
Create personal peace
Heal physical pain
Help others heal
 Stand in your power